Tonalia Tonalities of Apulia

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Tonality is an ambivalent word. It can be referred to a particular musical key or to a range of colors in a painting. We think it is also the best definition to describe the harmony of Puglia. From the colors of the sea, to those of our cuisine, from breathtaking landscapes, to the musicality of our language.

Our mission is to "compose" your experience as a real symphony. Our conductor, chef Joe Panebianco and all our staff, will guide our guests step by step to discover the region, a place where passion can be found in all of our typical dishes, in every corner of our towns, in every inhabitant.

We have carefully chosen each ingredient and we will be proud to cook our perfect recipe for an unforgettable holiday in Puglia with you.

Puglia Our land

Puglia is our land.

It’s in the very south of Italy, a land made by “the sun, the sea, the people” as tells an ancient motto.

800 km of changing coast kissed by the sun, ancient woodlands, strong values, countless flavours make Puglia so unique and unequaled.

Puglia is dwelling of three of the world human heritage; walking through our old towns is like reading history by the buildings, by the streets and the customs of people. This is the land where you can taste some of the most sought after flavors in the world and typical dishes made the old fashioned way.”.

Puglia pic

The kitchen with Joe

Joe Panebianco

Have you ever heard about the stereotype of the Italian people cooking passionately pasta everyday? Well, it is in fact totally true. The South of Italy is full of traditions, secrets and ancient places, and the cuisine used to be an old usage preserved from generation to generation, as one of the most precious heritage.

Our chef, Joe, nevertheless his young age, with its decades of experience all over the country and the love for his job, will share the secrets of our cuisine with you. In Puglia we will guide you through an highly sensory experience, from our colourful typical dishes to the severals varieties of wine.

The kitchen with Joe, our intense but also amusing course, will not only lead you to the art of our cuisine, but also to the heart of Puglia itself.

Semiramide Palace Hotel

Nestled within the scenario of Trulli and a few meters from the Caves that give name to the town, Semiramide Palace Hotel in Castellana Grotte, it is a blend of beauty and luxury.

Among pure Murano glass chandeliers and drapes fabrics reminiscent of the charm of the ancient Silk Road, the property is located between lush gardens and open spaces. In th\e heart of the structure it is possible to find its exclusive services as the wellness area, which gives incomparable relaxing moments; a man-sized swimming pool with Jacuzzi and jet neck, which creates privacy and total relaxation is located outside with a distinctive African Style Bar where you will taste delicious colorful fresh fruit cocktails prepared by our barman .

To complete the range of services offered by Semiramide Palace Hotel, an impressive convention center with several rooms from 5 to 500 seats, all equipped with cutting-edge equipment and innovative, is able to satisfy every kind of needs. All this is complemented by picturesque scenery for coffee breaks, brunch, light lunch.

Hotel Semiramide
Hotel Semiramide
Hotel Semiramide


With our affordable cooking holidays you’ll learn the best Apulian typical recipes, joining a wonderful landscape with a qualified and reliable team.

Basic course

4 Nights (plus breakfast)

Basic cooking course 15h (meal included)

Guided tours and excursions
in Puglia with mini bus

Intermediate Course

6 Nights (plus breakfast)

Basic cooking course 25h (meal included)

Guided tours and excursions
in Puglia with mini bus

Advanced Course

9 Nights (plus breakfast)

Basic cooking course 35h (meal included)

Guided tours and excursions
in Puglia with mini bus

Excursions and tours will be different, depending on the period and on the length of stay.